Amenize Invite us into the World of Black Sky


I brought Sao Paulo's Amenize to your attention a little while ago after the killer release of their concept album "Black Sky"  . With an awesome Slipknot vibe and a unique concept all their own it was clear that this release was going to capture a huge crowd worldwide. I recently got the chance to chat with Amenize about the album and what else the Sao Paulo music scene has to offer. Black Sky has been out for almost a month now, how has the response been with the new release?

Danilo: It has been great so far. We've been receiving great reviews and we can feel that people really liked the songs, the riffs, the vocals but most importantly they are very interested about the whole Black Sky story too.

Concept albums for some artists can cause a feeling of restraint, or constriction. How did you guys express your sound while remaining in the grounded world of “Black Sky”?

Brain: As the story writer of the ‘Black Sky’ original story I think I’m free to change it anyway I want, so I really don't feel attached to anything when writing, because the music always comes first, and the story goes with it.


What is the metal scene like in São Paulo? What kind of local influences have helped your sound grow that us in the US might not be aware of?

Bruno: It’s quite strong. Our album was produced by Adair Daufembach, who also produced a band that you definitely should check out, called Project46. They sound great and we always thought that we needed our songs to be at least as powerful as theirs.

In the opening track “An Endless Dystopia” features a vocal track among the ticking clocks  and other sound effects. Where did this vocal track come from and what is its role in the overall story of “Black Sky”?

Brain: It’s an excerpt of Aldous Huxley speech in Berkeley in 1962, in which he talks about the pattern of his book ‘The Brave New World’. It is so similar to what I tried to make people see with the Black Sky — I still hadn’t read the book when I started writing album— metaphor. When we thought of adding some vocals to the intro, we realized that this excerpt was the perfect prologue to our album.

If you had to choose one song of off Black Sky to explain your band, which song would it be and why?

Danilo: I’d say that ‘Unlocked’ tells a good bit about us. It starts softly after ‘An Endless Dystopia’, and it shows everything we can do, ending as heavily as we can get.


Halloween just passed, what is your favorite Halloween Candy?

Amenize: We prefer the treats…

If you could only choose one album to listen to for the rest of 2015, what album would that be?

Danilo: Lamb Of God’s VII: Sturm und Drang.

Brain: Haunted Shores - Viscera

Bruno: The Ocean Collective - Pelagial

What can Amenize fans expect in as we close out 2015 and we prepare for 2016?

Bruno: We have our songs available for purchase, free download and stream, which will help us reach as many people as possible. That’s not enough, though, so we are preparing a 2016 tour which will be announced soon. If you want to track us, just leave us a like at Be sure to check our new website too,!


I want to again thank the guys for chatting with me and putting out such an amazing album! Be sure to catch up with them on their social media sites and stay up to date with what is going on.

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