Review: Handguns- Disenchanted

Artist/Band: Handguns Album: Disenchanted

Label: Pure Noise Records

Medium: Digital, Vinyl, Compact Disk

PNE179_CoverHandguns was one of the first bands we covered on the site and for good reason, the dudes make killer tunes. Disenchanted is the mark of a complete revolution for the group, back to their roots. The record feels like a natural continuation, one song pointing you in the direction of the next but above all it seemed like the band had legit fun recording the record. That’s the thing about Handguns, they hold themselves to a standard that isn’t comparative to the others in their genre and that results in a fringe like approach to the genre. They aren’t the norm but isn’t that the base for punk and its sub genres? Fight the norm, follow whatever the hell you believe in and have fun doing it? That’s the creed that Handguns follows and it has an apparent effect on their music,one that bubbles up in Disenchanted.

The record dropped last Friday and it is complete with the energetic sound one has come to expect from the band. Disenchanted is an superconductor of  emotion slipping in and out relatable subject matter reinforced by a refined maturity. It is another achievement for the band and for our genre.