New Perspective: Hundredth and Their Hats

At the moment I have a Hundredth snap back sitting above the record player in my house. The head piece is grey and the bill is tan suede. It has their dual key logo on the front and on the back is a leather strap for sizing options and a metal clasp to hold the strap in place. I wear it everyday, backwards, to work, to the movies, to sleep. Its more than a hat its an article of identification and an extension of myself. It lets others who are in the same scene as me know that i share their compassion for all it has to offer. It shows the world that I am a supporter of something bigger than myself. I have had to explain, countless times, who Hundredth is and what the dual keys mean but in turn I have ended up explaining where I got the hat (Warped Tour) and what our scene is comprised of to people who are outside of the circle and once they are brought into the fold they are closer friends and sometimes, just maybe, they are supporters of what this hat means. I have come to realize that this hat signifies the creativity that is still left in the world and that there are people who won't stay seated when action needs to be taken and their voices don't stay low. This hat isn't just a hat.