The Escape Talks Giving Back and Leaving Their Mark (Interview)


The Escape Hopefully you've gotten the chance to give The Escape's The Mark We Leave Behind a spin or two (maybe 10) since our own Jasmine reviewed it a few weeks back. The Philly based group has been busy promoting the album since its July 28th release but luckily we caught them for a quick interview to discuss writing concept albums, what they're doing to leave their mark and about some of their gig buddies.

The Mark We Leave Behind was more of a concept album than previous releases. Is there a difference in writing or production when it comes to working on a concept record rather than just a “stand alone” where every song is its own thing?

It definitely is. Lyrically even more so than musically. It's challenging to keep a coherent flow between songs while trying to give each piece it's own sense of individuality. That being said it was challenging in a fun way, as something we haven't tried to do before.

What is the mark you hope to leave behind? Good songs that beg to listened to again and again. We're also in talks to have the cover of the record made into a mural for everyone in Philadelphia to enjoy.

In the Spring you joined Reverb’s Music for Good movement, can you tell me about how you got involved and about the charity you’re working with?

We're passionate about social justice. Oxfam is a great charity that champions long-term solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice around the world. It was a no brainer when Reverbnation partnerted with them.


What are some of your touring must haves? (Supplies, snacks, etc.)

Clean underwear/socks are a must, as is a shower once a day. We all try to eat healthy so any snack we can find that isnt full of processed garbage is a winner!

You put out a video recently for “Soon Forgotten” who decided on the venue for it?

We worked with our director Shaun Paul Costello. There was a warehouse across the street from where he lived that made itself available for shooting, and it fit the vibe of the song perfectly.


If you could put together a perfect bill, with you guys as the headliners who would you ask to support at your shows? There's some great talent in Philly including our friends in Nobody Yet, Heart Strings, and Witchfist. There's nothing more we love than playing shows with our friends.

What should fans be looking forward to from The Escape in the coming months?

We've got some awesome live dates in the works, as well as another single release.

 If you could give one piece of advice to someone trying to make it in the industry what would that piece of advice be? A brutally honest opinion of someone you're working with is worth it's weight in gold.

I want to thank the guys for taking the time out to chat and if you would like to keep updated on The Escape and when they might be in your area follow them on their socials below!

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Ashley Winward Lead Reporter