The Swellers- Song premiere on Brooklyn Vegan/ SYG Records. Pre order new 4 way split (7")


Michigan based label, Save Your Generation Records, is excited to announce anew split 7" entitled, T.V. Dinner, that features The Swellers, Lobby Boxer, Hung Up and 1876. You can currently pre-order (limited to 150) the split from SYG Records. Official release is set for May 20th.

The Swellers track is an interesting one, as it is aFloor cover (Tales of Lolita) and is currently premiering exclusively on Brooklyn Vegan now. See track listing, cover art and pressing info of the split below: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------300 Records/7 inch/Red & Clear blend vinyl/Pre-orders limited to 150

Side A: 1. Hung Up - Here To Stay 2. The Swellers - Tales of Lolita (Floor Cover)

Side B: 1. Lobby Boxer - Anxiety 2. 1876 - Le Planetaruim

BONUS DIGITAL ONLY TRACKS: The Revelry - House of Cards (DEMO) FLOORPLAN - Whoever