A Reason To Breathe Signs To Luxor Records


Spanish EHM outfit A Reason To Breathe is excited to announce that they have signed with American based Luxor Records, which is owned by a member of As They Sleep. The band sees their label debut, entitled An Ocean Inside Me, go up for preorders today before the album releases worldwide next week. "We are so proud to announce our signing with the North American label Luxor Records. This step is very important in our musical career and we are so happy to spread it to the world and our fans. We are also happy to launch the preorders for our album that is releasing next week!" – A Reason To Breathe

An Ocean Inside Me 1.The Sky Will Fall 2. Where My Dreams Are Made Of Gold 3. Enlighten Me 4. Best Night (Of Our Lives) 5. C.O.D.Y. 2.0 6. We Will Be Legend 7. I Surrender 8. Seeds Of The World 9. Of Dreams And Constellations 10. Era(s)ed 11. Order And Disorder 12. I’ll Give You The Stars 13. Beneath The Ocean



About A Reason To Breathe:

When mixing the two worlds of Post Hardcore and EDM, a new project, A Reason To Breathe, was created. A massive fusion between aggressive breakdowns, pop melodies and EDM sounds have brought interesting new textures to old favorites. After years of hard work, 2016 is the year where the band will release their debut album, An Ocean Inside Me, immediately after being signed to label Luxor Records. They are ready to spread the hope for a future full of energy, passion, and partycore.


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