Photo Gallery: Light in the Cave Tour (Rochester NY 2/25)

It felt like I was having Warped Tour in winter. The lineup was so diverse with each performance being unique. I See Stars hasn't played in our area since 2014 so the crowd was very eager to see them hit the stage. But first there had to be the openers. The White Noise was very energetic and got the crowd pumped up. They even asked the crowd to take articles of clothing off so the singer Shawn Walker can wear them. Next up was Palaye Royal. I knew from the moment I saw them come out, based on their outfits I knew they'd be awesome. And they were. From never hearing them before, I deff went home and looked them up after. They gave me such a vibe of the band from Jennifer's Body, just less sacrificial and more awesome sounding. Get Scared came out and had one hell of a mosh pit and had the first crowd surfer during their set. Chunk! and I See Stars photos are on the way but until then, enjoy some of the shots taken of their amazing opening support!


Photography from Shawna Terry